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WELCOME to our improved website!

On our site you can find everything about footGRID™ - training equipment that improves your athlete's attention. Why attention? We are sure that in sports attention is more important then footwork or agility or speed or power or any skill because attention determines to what level you can perform and actually demonstrate your footwork, agility, skills, etc. We can say that attention is above it all.

sam-7And why footGRID™ improves attention? Because of the width, the length of the footGRID™ and the complexity of the drills it allows. In order to do it correctly your athlete simply must sustain high levels of alertness on each excercise he or she performs and because of the length of footGRID™ they must sustain at full attention for longer periods or time.

With specific excercises you perform on the footGRID™ you develop new patterns of movement and you actually train sport specific movements with heightened attention.

You are welcome to Why footGRID™? and Others about us where you can read various opinion of top coaches and athletes from different sports and how they are using it and what are their thoughts on it.

In the All Products area you can find our products which leads you to our web shop where you can buy our products. Check out our site soon as we are preparing special deals on packages.


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